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Knowing how to optimise your internet search is a terrific approach to link your products to customers if you provide content online. Your content will appear on more results pages if you take advantage of Malaysia’s top trending searches.

Understanding the relationship between the most popular search terms in Malaysia and customers is a crucial step you must take in order to make your content interesting and captivating for your target audience.

In this post, we’ll examine the top trending searches in Malaysia, paying particular attention to those that are becoming more and more popular.

Ministry of Education

At the time this article was being written, Malaysians were increasingly using the search term “Ministry of Education.” This is due to the decision that the Malaysian 2021 school year will begin on January 20th, following the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on the 2020 academic year.

Because it has an impact on families and school-age children in Malaysia, the decision made by the Malaysian Parliament, the Ministry of Education, and Minister Mohd Radzi Md Jidin, is significant. Concerns over the 2021 school year and its operations will increase as more individuals become aware of the news, leading to an increase in online searches.

Sunscreen and Skincare

In Malaysia, phrases like “serum terbaik” (the best serum) and “sunscreen” are currently among the most popular searches. Young Malaysians should pay attention to Southeast Asian celebrities’ skincare advice as well as current beauty trends.

For instance, the Malaysian celebrity Lisa Surihani has been very vocal about her use of moisturisers and sunscreen, which has increased customer interest in those goods.

Knowing what the most recent skincare trends are would help brands create more relevant content.

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Malaysians are actively transitioning to more environmentally friendly lifestyles, and this progress is reflected in their search behaviour. Malaysians are certainly beginning to worry more and more about the influence of their decisions on the Earth as evidenced by searches for things like metal straws, second-hand clothing, and eco-friendly design.

With assistance from the World Bank, Malaysia is setting the standard for sustainable financing by launching the first “green sukuk.” Sukuk is a crucial component of Islamic banking, and Malaysia is actively attempting to establish connections between Islamic money and environmental sustainability.

Keto Diet

Nasi lemak and roti canai, two excellent dishes that are high in carbohydrates, are well-known in Malaysian cuisine. However, because the diet is currently quite popular all over the world, Malaysians are starting to look for Keto alternatives on the internet more and more.

This success in helping people lose weight can be due to its overwhelmingly good outcomes. Young Malaysians will be looking for keto-friendly Malaysian cuisine, such as “keto nasi lemak” or “keto restaurants in Kuala Lumpur,” for example, as they become increasingly concerned with their health and diets while also wanting to preserve important aspects of their culture.


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