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What better approach to begin your research than by looking at what other property buyers have been looking for? The top 10 locations with the most searches have been determined by us. Among site visitors who were interested in buying a home and buying real estate was me. The act of a property buyer searching for a property in a certain area and arriving at an search result page is referred to as a search. my.

The weight of searches for each of the top 5 areas is shown in percentages (%) and the top 5 areas are ranked in ascending order. The list of Malaysia’s most well-liked neighbourhoods is as follows:


1. Puchong

Now, Puchong has moved around quite a bit on this list. Puchong missed the cut in 2020. It ranked second in 2018 and tenth in 2019 respectively.

In Puchong, there are numerous residential property developments that cater to low-, middle-, and high-income communities. In Puchong, a leasehold bungalow was sold for RM3.4 million while a leasehold flat went for RM40,000, all in the same year of 2020, according to statistics from

The Puchong real estate market is more complex than what is shown here, therefore we urge anyone interested in real estate to dig a little deeper. This self-sufficient municipality provides a wide variety of educational facilities to accommodate students of all ages, as well as plenty of delicious food options and leisure activities. Learn more about what it’s like to live in Puchong.


2. Petaling Jaya

It is not surprising that this well-known neighbourhood, affectionately known as PJ, has taken the top rank because many residents, especially families, prefer PJ for its suburban lifestyle options. Young couples who work in the city love PJ because it is full with local eateries, hipster cafés, family parks, neighbourhood malls, and schools. PJ also has the distinct advantage of being located just close to Kuala Lumpur.

Over the years, PJ has progressively moved up the rankings of our yearly list; it was in sixth place in 2019 and rose to second place in 2020. The improved accessibility of public transit in PJ is a future development to keep an eye on. By the time it is finished in 2024, the LRT 3 will have added five new LRT stations to the city of PJ: One Utama (the MRT 1 Sungai-Buloh Kajang Line junction), Kayu Ara, BU11, Dataran Prima, and Kelana Indah.

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3. Shah Alam

Shah Alam rose to the position of second with 14.64% of the total searches. This residential borough has experienced substantial development while managing to preserve environment. Wide walking paths and lots of greenery have been thoughtfully incorporated into its collection of real estate complexes from illustrious builders including Mah Sing Group Bhd, Sime Darby Bhd, and Gamuda Bhd.

Yes, unlike some other areas in the Klang Valley where this has been hit or miss, developments in Shah Alam have adhered very closely to the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172), where section 21B states that development proposals shall include measures for the protection, preservation, and improvement of its physical environment and natural topography.


4. Johor Bahru

Johor, which was top in 2020, has dropped to fourth with 9.39% of searches in 2021. JB will always be on our radar because of the countless opportunities it offers. Every day, millions of people cross the causeway into Singapore for work, play, or pleasure (pandemic aside of course). As the epidemic closed its borders to Singapore, JB’s real estate market has seen a little dip, similar to other of the most searched destinations in 2020. According to NAPIC data, with 16,343 serviced apartment units remaining unsold as of Q3 2021, Johor had the biggest residential property overhang.


5. Subang Jaya

In 2018 and 2019, Subang Jaya was present, but not in 2020. With 9.07% more searches than last year, Subang Jaya has reclaimed its place in investors’ and homebuyers’ hearts. Similar to Puchong, there is a large selection of property types available. from gated and guarded to residential high rises and even SoHo apartments. Iconic shopping centres including Sunway Pyramid, Empire Subang, and Subang Parade provide services to this diversified population.

There are numerous colleges and universities in Subang Jaya as well. You can definitely feel the youthful vibe in the region thanks to the local Monash University, SEGi College, and Inti International College.


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